UPF for Musikhjälpen

Offentligt evenemang

Värd: The Association of Foreign Affairs

Tisdag 27/11, kl 00:00 - Söndag 16/12, kl 00:00

Sandgatan 2, Lund

Winter is here and we gather in the midst of the darkest season, and once again Musikhjälpen brings us light. This is something that we, the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund, and the other Associations of Foreign Affairs around Sweden wish to contribute to. We have set up this fundraiser to show our support and love for the cause that Musikhjälpen is fighting for: everyone’s right to function differently. We would be very grateful for your contribution.

35 givare har samlat in 2 015 kr till den här insamlingen. Kolla vad summan kan räcka till!

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